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What Happens if I Do Only One Laser Hair Removal Session

Are you looking for a long-lasting solution to unwanted hair around your body? Maybe you’re tired of shaving constantly, battling ingrown hairs, or suffering embarrassment due to a hormonal condition. If this sounds familiar, laser hair removal is your answer.

Laser hair removal can bring the results you seek. But how many sessions do you need to get lasting results? What happens if you only sit through one laser hair removal session? We’ll cover all you need to know in this post.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser hair removal is a high-tech cosmetic treatment that permanently reduces unwanted hair growth. The laser emits concentrated beams that target the hair follicles, hampering their ability to produce hair.

When done correctly, the procedure provides long-term results. Proper laser hair removal means scheduling the session during the growth phase of the hair in the affected area. Since the growth phase is generally staggered in most parts of the body, it’s important to space out the sessions across 4-10 weeks depending on the area to ensure complete and lasting hair reduction. Different body parts have different timing as well as different lasers, stipulate certain areas and the length of time you come in to get your laser hair removal.

What Happens If You Stop After One Laser Hair Removal Session?

After your first laser hair removal session, you’ll experience smoother skin and a reduction of hair in the treated area. You’ll also notice a reduction in ingrown hair too! However, one session is not enough. Here’s what will happen after some time:

  • Partial reduction in hair density: Laser hair removal will only remove hair in the anagen phase of growth. This means other hair follicles that have passed this stage will continue growing. After a while, the treated area will return to its pre-laser appearance.

  • Uneven results: Depending on how much hair was in the right growth stage during your hair removal session, you may notice that your hair grows unevenly around the treated part. This will lead to another cosmetic concern and may affect your skin color.

It’s always better to complete the recommended number of sessions if you choose to eliminate unwanted hair growth using this method.

How Many Laser Hair Removal Sessions Will I Need?

The number of hair removal sessions you’ll need depends on several factors, such as skin type, hair colour, and the area you want to treat. For example, you may need more sessions for your upper lip than your bikini line.

Your aesthetician will recommend the number of sessions you need based on your situation to ensure the optimal results you seek.

WITH OUR ND yag Alexandrite laser, most people need around 3-5 sessions, typically spread across four weeks, to achieve the consistent, long-term results they aim for. Other lasers on the market will require 12 to 15 sessions to truly eradicate hair growth, whereas our laser is considerably less. 

Conclusion: Is One Laser Hair Removal Session Enough?

One laser hair removal session is not enough unless you’re okay with temporary results and don’t mind your hair growing back in uneven patches. If you want long-term results, you’re better off adhering to the recommended appointment schedules.

Do you want to find out how many sessions you’ll need? Call Re-juvenation Cosmedical Injectables in Georgetown, ON, at (905) 877-8047 to schedule a consultation.


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