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Medical Grade Lasers: Elite IQ Treatment

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Medical Grade Lasers: Elite IQ Treatment In Georgetown

Unlock the beauty of flawless skin with our Elite IQ Medical Laser – your go-to solution for a range of concerns:

Laser Hair Removal: Bid farewell to unwanted hair on all skin types, ensuring safety and effectiveness in every treatment. Our Elite IQ boasts diverse laser technologies tailored to different skin types, ensuring a personalized and risk-free experience.
Vascular and Pigmentation Concerns: Whether it's leg veins, facial spider veins, or hyperpigmentation like sunspots and age spots, Elite IQ offers targeted solutions. Say goodbye to signs of aging and welcome clear, radiant skin.
Laser Facials: Address redness, rosacea, enlarged pores, and fine lines with our advanced laser facials. Experience the transformative power of Elite IQ in revitalizing your skin's texture and tone.
What sets Elite IQ apart is the revolutionary Skintel, the world's first FDA-approved melanin reader. Skin types vary due to melanin levels, making safe assessments crucial. Skintel ensures consistent safety across all skin types (1-6), adapting its wavelengths with precision: IPL for skin types 1-4, YAG for skin types 4-6, and Alexandrite laser for skin types 1-3.

Moreover, Elite IQ is Health Canada approved, guaranteeing the reduction of wrinkles, vascular lesions, leg veins, and hyperpigmentation safely. Trust in our technology to bring out your skin's natural beauty while prioritizing your safety and satisfaction.

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