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PRP- Platelet Rich Plasma

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PRP- Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment In Georgetown

Ready to say goodbye to drab skin and embrace a revitalized texture? Enter PRP, your cell-repair powerhouse.

PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma, is a treatment where we harness the healing power of your own blood. We draw a small amount, spin it in a centrifuge to separate red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. The magic happens when we reinject your platelets, healing your cells from within. Aging and trauma can impede cell regeneration, but PRP steps in to repair and revitalize.

For optimal results, a few PRP sessions are recommended, considering that cells regenerate every three weeks. Come in once a month for approximately 2 to 3 treatments, with maintenance every 3-6 months. Elevate your experience by combining PRP with Microneedling for enhanced results on both skin and hair.

Speaking of hair, PRP is a game-changer for hair loss or thinning. Strengthen existing hair and stimulate new follicles with this transformative treatment.

And there's more – the O shot: PRP isn't just for skin and hair. It's a versatile solution for female health, addressing concerns like stress incontinence, lack of vaginal moisture, and enhancing orgasm. Your journey to rejuvenation starts with PRP, where your natural beauty is our priority.

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