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Flexible Monthly Payment Options

We’ve partnered with Beautifi to offer monthly payment options on all

procedures and packages of $1,000 and above. Thousands of Canadians have

used Beautifi to make elective medical procedures affordable and stress free.

Applying is secure and will not impact your credit score. It takes less than 3

minutes to submit an application and your approval result is displayed instantly.

3 Easy Steps

1. Apply Online

Simply visit the website to learn more and apply online.

2. Get Approved

Receive a call from a Beautifi loan specialist to confirm your details.

3. Get Ready For Your Procedure

You’re all set. Beautifi will pay us directly.

Zero Money Down

Beautifi pays us directly. They ensure the fixed monthly payments are affordable and within

your budget.


No Obligation

Monthly payment plans are completely open – they can be paid off at any time with no pre-

payment fee and the remaining interest will be waved!


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