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Botox Vs. Dysport: What's the Difference?

Updated: Feb 23

Are you seeing fine lines around your eyes or deep creases between your brows? Running to the beauty store and stocking up on the latest serum isn't the answer—and neither is invasive facelift surgery.

Why not explore Botox and Dysport for the effective & non-invasive treatments you want to diminish the appearance of wrinkles? These two injectables have a lot of similarities but notable differences, too. Here’s more about Botox vs. Dysport from Re-juvenation Cosmedical Injectables, a medical spa clinic in Georgetown.

What Are Neuromodulator Injections?

Botox and Dysport are specific types of cosmetic injections: neuromodulators. 

How do these neuromodulators work with the nerves and muscles beneath the skin to reduce wrinkling? To understand neuromodulation, think about how wrinkles develop. 

As you age, your skin loses vital elasticity. Typically, this is due to a natural decline in collagen and elastin. The loss makes your skin very malleable, which means that it is more prone to forming fine lines and creasing whenever your muscles move beneath the skin.

Neuromodulators like Botox and Dysport contain chemicals called neurotoxins, which interact with the nerves and muscles in your face. Effectively, these treatments subdue the skin's movement, which prevents facial wrinkles from forming and reduces the appearance of existing creases. 

Both Botox and Dysport use a neurotoxin called Botulinum toxin A, which temporarily restricts muscle action.

Breaking Down the Differences Between Botox and Dysport

While Botox and Dysport are both neuromodulators, they are distinctly separate treatments. Take a look at this breakdown of Botox vs. Dysport to understand the differences: 

Treatment Areas

Both products can be used on the face


As an injector, Dysport has a 1 cm spread upon injection site, which means that I am able to inject fewer injection sites and units as the spread will affect more surface muscle area.

Whereas Botox does not have the spread in turn, requires more injections and potentially more units; where this is truly relevant is in the top part of your forehead, which is a depressor muscle to put too many units and lower injections due to more lines, will make someone feel heavy and be over injected, so the spread of Dysport makes it a better look and experience for the client.

The techniques for Botox and Dysport are largely the same. 

  • Your provider uses a topical anesthetic, numbing the injection site. 

  • They insert a thin needle under the skin's surface. 

  • The entire process takes less than twenty minutes for either injectable.

Onset of Results

Dysport takes effect faster 

The molecules in Dysport's solution are smaller than those in Botox. This makes them disperse faster beneath the skin, leading to quicker results. 

Patients see their Dysport results in a few days, while Botox results take 7-11 days for onset 

Recovery Process

A major advantage of procedures like Botox and Dysport is that there is no recovery process. After receiving either of these treatments, patients return to their normal activities without any downtime.

Duration of Results

The research does say that Dysport lasts longer than Botox. However, I feel this is a subjective experience. The results of Botox and Dysport each last around three to four months for frown lines. Across other injection sites, Botox may last a little longer (up to six months).


Botox and Dysport cost almost the same per session. Each spa charges slightly different rates, and the price may depend on the number of injections you need.

Creating a More Youthful Appearance with Botox and Dysport Injectables

Botox vs. Dysport: which is better? If you're looking to reduce crow's feet or fine lines, both injectables could offer a great solution.

Find out more from Re-juvenation Cosmedical Injectables at 905-877-8047—we offer Botox and Dysport injections to address mild to moderate facial wrinkles.

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